How Permanent is Light-Activated Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Luke Riley | 11/19/2021

Light-activated teeth whitening provides effective results that are easy to preserve when you properly care for your teeth.


Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dr. Luke Riley | 10/30/2021

The ideal candidate for a dental implant will be healthy, have adequate gum and bone mass, and be free of dental diseases like periodontitis.


Tips for Maintaining Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Luke Riley | 09/23/2021

There are many ways you can help maintain your cosmetic dentistry results. These tips might help you in your dental journey.


Do I Need a Smile Makeover or a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Luke Riley | 08/29/2021

Both the smile makeover and the full mouth reconstruction can help fix your smile, but they have unique differences to help you decide which is best.


Five Ways Invisalign® Treatment Enhances Your Smile

Dr. Luke Riley | 07/19/2021

Invisalign treatment helps without the bulkiness of traditional braces. These dental aligners straighten teeth while giving you a healthier mouth.


Will Your Dental Implants Feel Like Natural Teeth?

Dr. Luke Riley | 07/04/2021

Dental implants can offer the closest replication of natural teeth over other replacement options available today.


All You Need to Know Before Considering Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Luke Riley | 05/12/2021

Tooth pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages are two signs you may need a root canal.


Sparkling waters? Good for you?

Alyson | 07/16/2020

Second Guess the effects of Sparkling Waters


Summer Smiles and Good Habits

Alyson | 06/25/2020

Making Summer a perfect time to visit your dentist


Why Dental Check-Ups are so Important

Alyson | 03/03/2020

Important points to save teeth, money and time for all patients.


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