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What is a dental bridge?

If one or a few of your teeth have fallen out, it is not just a problem with appearance — gaps in your teeth may cause your remaining teeth to shift. This may lead to extra tension when you bite, pain when you chew, or even trouble speaking. A bridge improves the health and appearance of your smile by filling in the gaps using a false tooth that is supported by either dental implants, your natural teeth, or both. At Riley Dental in Haslet, TX, dentist Dr. Luke Riley offers both gold and metal-free custom-made bridges to help give you back your smile. If you have missing teeth, schedule an appointment at our practice with Dr. Riley to learn about your treatment options with a custom bridge.

What are the benefits of getting dental bridges?

Here at Riley Dental, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients a range of benefits from their dental bridges, including:

  • Restored mouth function, ranging from chewing to speech
  • Maintaining or enhancing facial structure that was lost from missing teeth
  • Prevention of further shifting or moving of existing teeth in the mouth
  • Bringing back confidence in your smile and yourself

am i a candidate for a dental bridge?

Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic problem — spaces in your smile may heavily impact the health of your mouth. Your mouth is balanced carefully, and a gap may affect how well you can use it. In time, gaps may lead to the shifting of teeth, causing problems with your bite (underbite, crossbite, overbite) and gum or jawbone atrophy. To place a bridge, the surrounding teeth must be healthy enough to hold the restoration, with good density in the jawbone and gum tissue. Dr. Riley will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw at your consultation to help you select the best type of bridge (cantilever, traditional, resin bonded, or Maryland bonded) and material (gold or porcelain).

how does a dental bridge work?

Once your supporting teeth are prepped, Dr. Riley will take digital images and dental impressions so your bridge can be created. A temporary bridge may be used while your custom one is crafted. As soon as your restoration is ready, your mouth may be treated with a numbing agent. Stronger sedation methods can be discussed for anxiety or trouble with a gag reflex to help keep you calm during the placement. Your dental bridge can be glued into its position or connected to implants, based on the method you and Dr. Riley selected at your consult. Dr. Riley will adjust the position of your bridge so it is comfortable and stable.

How do i care for my dental bridge?

Once your bridge is in place, you should have a noticeable improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth. You should schedule a follow-up appointment at Riley Dental to improve your bridge's fit if it seems loose or uncomfortable after it is placed. Dr. Riley or an assistant on his team will teach you how to care for your restoration, including the ways to keep it clean and if you need to avoid any foods. It's important to regularly clean your bridge and mouth because decay can develop under the bridge. If you properly care for it, your custom bridge may stay in place for several years. You need to continue to attend appointments at Riley Dental to get annual dental examinations and bi-annual cleanings. At your dental exams, Dr. Riley can evaluate the wear and health of your custom bridge to decide if it should be replaced or repaired.

are dental bridges covered by insurance?

Restorations like dental bridges are usually partially covered by most dental insurance companies. A member of our team will contact your dental insurance to determine how much your insurance will pay. Riley Dental offers several payment plans and can help you find third-party financing options, which may be discussed at your consult with Dr. Riley. He can also help you choose the best type and material for your bridge to suit your budget and needs.

Dental Bridges FAQ

How many teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge?
Most dental bridges are made to replace 1 – 4 missing teeth. Trying to replace more than four teeth with a bridge can make it unstable. During your consultation with Dr. Riley, he will examine your teeth, talk to you about your goals, and help you determine if a dental bridge or other restorative procedure is best for you.

How long does a dental bridge usually last?
By practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular checkups at Riley Dental, a dental bridge can often last several years before it may need to be adjusted or replaced. Some patients can see their dental bridge last up to 10 years. The best way to preserve the life of your dental bridge and overall oral health is to schedule regular dental exams paired with regular brushing and flossing.

How long does a dental bridge take to make?
A dental bridge typically takes two office visits to place. The first visit is to prepare your teeth and take impressions of your teeth. Dr. Riley will give you a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent dental bridge is being made, which can take about two weeks.

Is getting a dental bridge painful?
Some discomfort may be felt, but local anesthesia is generally administered to alleviate the sensation. Post-procedure, you may experience slight tenderness, but common over-the-counter pain relievers can help.

How will a dental bridge affect my speech?
A dental bridge may initially cause slight alterations in speech as you adjust. However, over a short period, it typically enhances speech clarity, especially if you were missing front teeth. The bridge fills gaps, aiding in the pronunciation of certain sounds and words, leading to more natural and clear communication.

Will a dental bridge look natural?
Absolutely! Dental bridges are meticulously crafted to match the color, shape, and size of your adjacent teeth. They blend seamlessly with your natural teeth using high-quality materials and a customized design. The goal is to restore your smile in a way that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a genuine appearance.

Improve your bite, restore your smile

Even if you don't mind the way your smile looks with a gap, it may turn into bigger issues if it isn't fixed. Make an appointment with Dr. Riley to get more information about dental bridges and what options will fit your unique needs. Riley Dental is pleased to offer custom dental bridges that can improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Contact our office in Haslet, TX to schedule your consultation.

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