How Long After Extraction Can You Get Dentures?

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Whether you’re already missing several teeth or facing the extraction of multiple teeth, you may be starting to think about your options for dental restoration. For many patients, dentures offer a convenient solution for replacing natural teeth and restoring a complete, beautiful smile. At Riley Dental, Dr. Luke Riley and our dedicated team are committed to helping patients regain the confidence and dental function they deserve with a full range of restorative dentistry services in Haslet, TX, including a number of options for dentures. One question that often comes up when discussing the timeline for getting dentures is how long you may have to wait between having your teeth extracted (pulled) and being fitted for your dentures. You’ll find the answer to that question and other denture FAQs here.

What is the process of getting dentures?

Because every patient’s situation, anatomy, and goals are unique, Dr. Riley and our team carefully customize each denture treatment plan to help meet a patient’s specific needs. This may mean the process and timeline for getting dentures can vary somewhat from patient to patient. For example, a patient who is already missing their teeth or has had a previous set of dentures will likely require fewer appointments or a shorter treatment plan compared with a patient who still needs to have their natural teeth extracted. Additionally, the process can vary based on the type of dentures you select, which may be partial dentures, full dentures, implant-supported dentures, or immediate same-day dentures. Generally speaking, the steps for getting dentures include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Extraction, if needed
  • Imaging and impressions
  • Determining the height, width, shape, and shade of your dentures
  • Creating custom dentures
  • Try/fitting of the dentures
  • Adjustments

How long do you have to wait between having your teeth pulled and getting dentures?

While the exact timeline for dentures will vary based on several individual patient and case factors, it is usually necessary to wait between 6 – 8 weeks, or up to 3 – 6 months in some situations, between your tooth extraction and getting your dentures. This waiting period allows the tissues, bones, and other oral structures time to heal and settle, which is essential for ensuring a proper fit, comfort, and an otherwise optimal outcome. For patients who are considering implant-based dentures, it is critical that the implants have time to fully integrate with the jawbone, which provides a stable base for the new restorations.

Will I have to go without teeth while I wait for my dentures to be made?

Patients who do not want to be without teeth while waiting for their dentures to be created may be eligible for immediate dentures, which can be created right in our office the same day and worn between appointments for added confidence and comfort. At Riley Dental, we are committed to ensuring you have the most enjoyable experience and successful outcome possible, so don’t hesitate to ask us about your options for immediate dentures.

Regain a complete, beautiful, and functional smile with custom dentures in Haslet, TX

Losing your natural teeth can, understandably, be discouraging, but modern dental technology makes it more possible than ever to enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile once again. Discover your options for replacing missing teeth — including dentures — by calling Riley Dental to schedule your consultation with Haslet, TX dentist Dr. Luke Riley and our team today, and take the first step toward regaining the beautiful smile you deserve.

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