Intra-Oral Cameras

Dr. Riley knows it is important to educate our patients so they can be confident the treatment they receive at Riley Dental is the best care available. For this reason, Dr. Riley has brought SOPRO digital camera technology into the office.

SOPRO digital camera technology offers to modes: the first is a basic digital mode, where Dr. Riley or a member of his clinical staff can capture images of your teeth so you can see any areas of concern.

The second is SOPRO mode. In SOPRO mode, our camera shines a safe fluorescent light on the tooth which illuminates weakened enamel and decay.  In many conventional offices, dentists rely solely on “feeling” the strength of the enamel by pressing the metal tip of an explorer into any suspicious looking areas.  By utilizing SOPRO technology, Dr. Riley is able to intercept potentially painful situations which can lead to an unexpected toothache.