Will Regular Dental Cleanings Damage My Teeth?

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Regularly scheduled dental cleanings will help keep your teeth looking and feeling great. Dr. Luke Riley and the team at Riley Dental in Haslet, TX recommend you receive a dental cleaning every six months. Routine dental cleanings are necessary for preventive maintenance and ensuring the health of your teeth.

You may be wondering how the dental cleaning process works and if bi-annual cleanings can harm your teeth. Rest assured, a dental cleaning will not harm or damage your teeth. Instead, dental cleanings will clear out the plaque, tartar, and other items that have built up over your teeth since your last visit. The process can also help identify potential dental problems. Be sure when looking for a dental healthcare solution that you understand how well a cleaning can work for your teeth and how it will help them stay protected in North Richland Hills and Fort Worth, TX.

Why you might think the cleaning process will damage your teeth

The reason why some people might think their teeth will experience harm is that the cleaning process entails various items that directly come in contact with your teeth. These include scraping, polishing, and sometimes drilling. But these tools are designed to clear out plaque and other hard deposits. They can also help apply fluoride treatments or sealants.

The rough sensations you may feel could make you feel worried, but the work is about giving your teeth enough room to stay healthy. Dr. Riley and our dental experts at Riley Dental in Haslet, TX will ensure you receive the care necessary for keeping your teeth healthy.

Effects of prior diseases may be a factor in your worry

You might be apprehensive about getting a dental cleaning because of mouth pains or gum disease that hasn’t been identified yet. For example, the gums might have been harmed by tartar building up in the area. The cleaning process helps remove the tartar from the gums, but it requires the dentist to expose the site.

Lack of care for your teeth could be a problem

Sometimes, you might experience extensive pain in your teeth if you haven’t cared for them well enough. You might notice during a dental cleaning that your teeth are feeling a lot of pain. The problem is that the teeth might have developed more bacteria or plaque than you might expect. People who take better care of their teeth by flossing and brushing each day will not be as likely to feel pain during a cleaning.

Schedule your dental cleaning in Haslet, TX

Regular dental cleanings will not harm your teeth. The effort might feel uncomfortable at times and may be intensive, but it is about removing plaque and other items from the teeth. You can request a cleaning with us at Riley Dental in Haslet, TX today. We recommend you undergo a dental cleaning every six months to ensure your teeth will feel their best. If you live near Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, or Haslet, TX, contact us to learn more about how our cleanings work and schedule an appointment for services with Dr. Luke Riley.

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