The Importance of Choosing the Right Dentist For Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a great option for giving you the best possible smile, but did you know that implants are also critical for protecting your smile and preventing further tooth loss? You’ll require a talented professional to help you with your dental implants. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Luke Riley or a member of our team at Riley Dental in Haslet, TX, you’ll find out all the information on the benefits of dental implants and why we are one of the best dental facilities to give you the proper dental care you deserve.

Our dental team has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to deliver top-notch care when installing dental implants. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider us for your dental implant installation.

Dental implants can protect your jaw

Dental implants can prevent your jaw from deteriorating. The bone structure around your jaw will weaken if one or more teeth are missing. The breakdown can result in other teeth losing their grip on the jawbone, triggering further tooth loss for patients near North Richland Hills and Fort Worth, TX.

An implant can enter the bone and create a secure space for the new crown. Dr. Riley and our dental experts will ensure the implant will stimulate the bone structure to keep it from breaking apart or otherwise becoming weaker.

It is easier for you to maintain your dental health

A missing tooth can cause more parts of other teeth to be exposed to bacteria. It becomes harder for you to maintain those teeth as you’re struggling to clean more spaces. Those teeth are more prone to cavities and decay. The crown on top of your implant from Riley Dental in Haslet, TX will cover that open space and help prevent bacteria from moving to other areas.

The crown on your dental implant will feature a sturdy porcelain material that is easy to clean. You’ll need to care for the implant the same way you manage your other natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will be necessary for your dental health.

The proper dental implantation is critical

The dental experts at Riley Dental will first clean the implant site and find a suitable space for implanting the material. When the site is ready, Dr. Riley will apply local anesthesia to the area to induce numbing. He will then make an incision into the gums so a post can be placed in your jawbone. The incision will then be stitched closed with some of the dental implants above the gums, allowing the implants to adjust to the gums and jawbone over the next few months. Once the implants are fully integrated into the site, a long-lasting fixture (crown, denture, or bridge) can be connected.

The right dental implant shape makes a difference

You’ll also require a suitable implant shape to allow it to fit well in your smile. The implant crown can be shaped based on the tooth you’re replacing and how well it blends with the natural teeth. The implant can also be a color that fits with the rest of those teeth.

Our dentists at Riley Dental can complete a scan of your mouth before producing the porcelain crown that goes on top of the implant. We can perform a three-dimensional review of your mouth to identify the suitable shape and size for the crown, giving you the smile you deserve.

Contact us today to see if dental implants can work for you

It is exciting to see how your smile can look its best when you use dental implants. Dr. Luke Riley and the rest of the team at Riley Dental in Haslet, TX will be there to help you find an implant or other solution that fits your smile and protects your remaining teeth. You can visit us online to schedule an appointment for service today to help you build a healthier smile.

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